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A Call To Serve International, founded in 1992, creates and nurtures “partnerships for peace” with the country of Georgia, a former Soviet republic.

Our projects and partnerships are multifaceted, reaching across health care, education, arts and culture, businesses, faith-based alliances and government. Most address the needs of children, in whose hands lies the future of this young, struggling democracy.

Humanitarian Aid

Each year, with support from the U.S. State Department’s Europe/Eurasia Affairs Division and our generous donors, ACTS ships much needed provisions, equipment and supplies to Georgia. In 2011, those shipments have included smoking cessation medications and 41 hospital beds, the latter donated by SSM St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. ACTS-Georgia, the organization’s in-country affiliate, works with the Georgian Ministry of Health and other agencies, delivering these items to where they are most needed. If you or your organization has medical equipment or other supplies that may be of use, please contact tina@acalltoserve.org.

Diabetic Children’s Camp

Your continued support is needed to fund the ACTS/Lions Ronald James Georgian Diabetic Children’s Camp, which provides lifesaving and life-extending education to dozens of diabetic children each summer. Before the camp was founded in 1996, the life expectancy for a Georgian child diagnosed with diabetes was only 10 years. Since then, more than 1,000 campers have completed the program and are thriving teens and young adults. But many more children are diagnosed with diabetes each year and need this critical educational experience to survive. Will you join with Missouri Lions MD 26, the Lions of the country of Georgia and others around the world to help a Georgian diabetic child live a long, healthy life? Every gift counts.

One Book, One Child

Interacting with the English-speaking world is critical to Georgia’s becoming a successful democracy. Georgian children want to learn English, and a number of their teachers already are fluent, but the schools need English-language books for their students. Rotary International and Scholastic Inc. have partnered with ACTS to create the “One Book, One Child” project. For $350, you or your club can outfit an entire school with books -- or help provide the gift of English literacy to a classroom for just $50.


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Please donate online at the link above, or mail a check, made out to the Ron James Georgian Diabetic Children’s Camp (or RJGDCC), to: Elizabeth James, M.D., Diabetic Camp Chairperson, A Call To Serve, 610 West Blvd. S., Columbia, MO 65203.

Online donations are being accepted through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.

If you wish to donate to any other ACTS International projects, please send a check, made out to A Call To Serve, to the ACTS Office at P.O. Box 7026, Columbia, MO 65205, noting which project you wish to support (e.g. general humanitarian aid).

Note: To contact ACTS International, send an e-mail message to: wellnesscamp@mac.com.

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