Dr. Ron James
Following the food exchange system campers also receive at least twice daily insulin injections, usually consisting of regular plus NPH insulin. Supplements of Humalog are used as needed. SMBG (blood-sugar checks) are done three times daily and more if needed. Lectures and close counselor supervision at all times, emphasises careful diabetes control.
at Ron James Georgian Children's Camp
7:30am Wake up bell
8:15am Blood check
9:00am Breakfast (boiled eggs, cheese, buckwheat, bread, tea)
9:30am Strenuous activity (hiking, soccer, running games)
11:30am Snack (raw fruit, vegetables, sausage, cheese, bread, water)
11:45am Resume activity (return hike or finish a game)
1:45pm Blood check
2:00pm Lunch (soup/meat bits, cheese, bread, slaw, apples/plums)
2:30pm Lecture/Instruction/Q&A sessions
4:00pm Food exchange game, weighing and visualizing items
4:30pm snack (bread, cheese, sausage, raw fruit)
5:00pm Arts/Crafts/games during the day when weather is bad)
6:30pm Blood check
6:45pm Insulin shots
7:00pm Dinner(grain/beefburger, potatoes, tomatoes/cuk salad,
7:30pm cabin time with counselor activities
8:00pm Brain teasers...trivial pursuit game
9:00pm Disco dancing
9:30pm Blood check
10:00pm Snack (yogurt, bread)
10:30pm Lights Out!
ACTS employs methods that follow the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) Consensus Guidelines for the management of Type I Diabetes Mellitus